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Lester Law's AIM TEAM

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Experienced accident attorneys who know how to settle your case for the amount you deserve

$250+ Million collectively won for our clients

Over 35 Years of experience in personal injury law

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What Types of Cases Can We Handle?

Car Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Workplace Accidents

Personal Injury

If you had an accident and are hurt, we are here to help! Call us to find out all your legal options.

Why should you consider Lester Law and the AIM Team?

Not all law firms are built the same, and you should only hire an attorney that works for you. Researching the firm and what they can do for you not only makes this process easier, but it also helps strengthen your case. Choosing the wrong lawyer can cause headache and produce unfavorable results.

Here are five things you should consider before signing with a lawyer:

  • Can this law firm handle my type of case?

Lester Law's AIM Team has decades of experience helping clients with their personal injury cases. You can count on us to pursue the maximum compensation we can.

  • Do they have a good track record of success?

We have a proven 95% success rate on our cases and we're confident we can get you the money you deserve.

  • Will they handle everything for me so I don't have to?

Some firms try to pass on the work toward you. NOT HERE! The AIM Team wants to make this time as easy as possible for our clients, so we do the heavy lifting while keeping you informed of the progress of your case.

  • Are there any costs that I need to pay before they take me as a client?

Not in our office. We work on a contingency basis. This means there are no upfront costs to our clients and we get paid once your case is settled.

  • Is my case a priority?

Yes! We won't shuffle your case around. Our attorneys work hard to keep you in the loop and ensure a favorable outcome. Your case and well-being is our highest priority.



Free consultations without any obligation


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What Cases Can we Handle?

  • Car Accident

  • Motorcycle Accident

  • Workplace Accidents

  • Personal Injury

What Areas do we Serve?

Proudly serving all of Southern California including:

  • Inland Empire
  • High Desert
  • Antelope Valley
  • Los Angeles County
  • San Fernando Valley

Large Firm Resources, Small Firm Friendliness

We have the same resources that the larger firms do, but we strive to provide the personal touch that the bigger firms seem to forget.

No Recovery Means No Fee for You

If we are unable to recover any money in your case, you won't owe us a dime.

Don't think you have money for a lawyer? Think again!

We work on a contingency basis, which means there are no upfront costs, and we only get paid when you do.